ICT Networks Malta ltd.

Installation, Consulting and Training in Fiber Optics

About Us

ICT Networks Malta Ltd was founded in 2010 when we wanted to expand our international work from the Nordic countries.

Besides working in Malta, we have been busy training installers and engineers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, South Korea, the Philippines and New Zealand.

We are focusing a lot on the benefits of different installation methods, deployment and choice of material and how this has an impact on the total cost of ownership as well as the impact it has on the network design.

We are eager to train the installers rather than installing everything ourselves. It has proved to be a recipe for success as quality can be secured.

Our Services

Installation Methods

As a network owner, you are often torn between upfront cost and total cost of ownership. We advice on the balance between the two and the choice of material and installation methods.

Network Design and Engineering

Regardless of choice - Point-to-Point networks or PON networks, we have a long experience in the design and engineering phase of small and big projects. From rural areas to densly populated areas.

Our Team


CEO - Instructor / Engineer


Instructor / Installer


We have a wide network of competent, experienced specialists.

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